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“2012, the truth of China”

Masahiro Miyazaki WAC 2011/12/26

・ Although the Chinese economy looks great, if you step into the back road from the hell of the main street to the back road, the surrounding area is a mountain of garbage, the odor, unsanitary houses, rags, a fainted public toilet, and ruined. There is rubble. You can see that everything was just a pretend to decorate the outside. This symbolizes the essence of the Chinese economy.

Until a few months ago, it was expected that China’s real estate prices would fall by 30 % by 2012.

・ In October 2011, the market turned from Bull to Bear. Bull is bullish, and Bear is a metaphor of Wall Street, which represents the bearish. Since then, the “Real Estate crash” has become common sense, and the “40 % of the 4 % breakthrough” is established instead of 30 %.

・ I personally predict 70 % of the crash. Because the stock price has always been “half -price eight -handed and 2 discounts” (that is, 68 % crash), the calmness of the bubble that has been greeted is around that.

・ The problem is not about real estate prices or sales trends. The largest Achilles tendon of the Chinese economy is the vulnerability of the financial system, “Chinese socialist market economy.”

・ What happens when the developer is no longer paying for interest rates, and when a bank turns into a borrowing (if you look at the recent tightening policy of the Chinese financial authorities, financial collapse is a matter of time)?

The estimated bad debt is small, and even if the estimate is estimated, the Japanese currency is 170 trillion yen.

・ If applied to China, the bankruptcy of 10,000 development corporations will quickly lead to the bankruptcy of developers, and bank management will fall into a very serious situation. So the local government suddenly began to issue local bonds.

・ When the burning of the subprime loan surface, the US vacant houses were 10 million units. In China, there are already 20 million unoccupied houses before the bursting of the bubble burst (there are 65 million houses that do not have power meters). In other words, the “Hoya” (growth rate 8 % death protection), which is the Hu Jintao and the Treasure Road, is unreasonable.

What happens to the Chinese society at that time?

It is unlikely that social disturbance will subside now.

・ The Shanghai Center, which is completed in 2014 in Shanghai, is a 632 -meter skyscraper. Jinx is covered by this building and may soon become a symbol of the collapse of Shanghai Real Estate Bubble. And the shock of 1,000 times as much as Dubai shock and twice as shocking of the Lehman shock comes from China.

The next thing that comes to the next is the unexpected people of the RMB. The reason is simple. Currency supply is almost twice as much as GDP. If inflation cannot be reduced or high -interest policy, the only option to remain is to reduce the union of the currency. Even if it is not artificially reduced, the market mechanism automatically opens a decline.

-There are seven mints in China for 24 hours, with the increase in banknotes, reprinting, and reprinting. China, who participated in the fierce battlefield of the Currency Security War, tried to achieve a weaker dollar in the United States and the weak Euro in Europe, but could not be fulfilled due to trade surplus and real estate. However, the stage turned dark due to the crash of the real estate price.

From now on, the bond will come all at once.

“Juselino Future Forecast Notes”

(Juselino Nobrega da Ruth)

(Softbank Creative) 2007/12/18

・ From 2011 to 2013, a virus called Herus appears. It is a terrible virus that will die in four hours when it develops.

・ From 2014 to 2016, 300 Japanese infants are abducted by North Korea.

・ In 2019, a large nuclear accident occurred in North Korea. This may cause thousands of deaths.

・ The Chinese economy has developed rapidly until 2010, but has been greatly economic crisis since 2011. A large number of unemployed will come out and economic systems will not be able to go to the country. And the people begin to seek reform of the economic system.

・ It seems that Juselino’s native abilities began to show off some events that I experienced as a boy. When Juselino was playing with his children of the same age, a dazzling golden sphere descended into the backyard. The mysterious light that floats floating in the space emitted was more vivid and warmer than sunlight.

・ The spheres seemed to burn up suddenly and seemed to have dropped lightning, so all other children escaped. The boy Juselino also grabbed the sphere firmly without retrofitting the danger. And over a year, his predictive ability gradually bloomed.

“McMony Glee’s Remote Viewing World”

(Mutsuko Ueda) (Heart Publishing) 2007/5/30

・ I have been in the past more than 1 million years ago. In the future, I have been to 400,000 years ahead. The distance was the farthest, to the center of the Milky Way Galaxy. At the moment, I don’t know if there is still a limit in terms of time and spatial.

・ There are also types of aliens. I have encountered an intelligent creature with a highly developed civilization and an ugly alien that I do not want to see again. How ugly? It was so ugly that my friends never wanted to be.

・ I have seen aliens several times on a remote wing. We seemed to know, of course, that we were invading the intellectual life territory.

・ However, he avoided his eyes and ignored it.

We will not contact us directly. They think that we are still immature people. If we grow more spiritually, have a compassionate heart, and become appropriate to participate as a resident of the universe, we may be contacted.

・ Since the Maya calendar ended in 2012, will human beings (a big disaster) occur in humanity at that time? I often receive the question. In 2012, even in the remote wing, the destruction of the earth or the destruction of mankind is invisible.

・ If the Mayan lived in 2012, he would have created 코인카지노 a new calendar. But if many people are worried about one thing, they actually become realized. The power of people’s thoughts has that much influence.

■■■ What I think, hear, and think ■■■


・ The accusation of Chinese tennis players has become a problem in the “Beijing Olympics”, but it seems to be a ripple because it is in the Internet era. Are there many Chinese wholesalers? By the way, it is said that there are many riots in China.

And is there a lot of “secret” by email because it is in the internet age? 2017/4/25 (News Week) There was an article on the “Determined Encouragement Law”, China returned to the dark era, and on September 12, 2018, “The System of Wanding at universities in China” (News Week). It has been pointed out that the Communist Party’s policy can be negative and positive.

“There is a way of money called” Ichiji Nikka Sanba Four Thirty “. There seems to be a story that the biggest ragged profit was a bureaucrat, the second was a merchant, the third was a bandit, and the fourth was a thief. “

2021/4/20 (News Week) There was an article saying “China opened a” secret hotline “and encouraged the Internet people to tell the Internet people.” It is said that the number of Japanese businessmen is increasing unexpectedly, such as having a Communist Party organization 100 % to private companies. It seems that “secret” is recommended nationwide due to the enormous corruption and crime. There are many corruption officials, and when this happens, can it be said to be a “secret country”?

“I heard from a government executive in the Hu Ninta era that” China is 10 % Europe and 90 % of Africa, “but it was strange to say.” It is said that Japan should consider diplomacy based on the fact that there is a completely different country next to him. We do not know the actual situation of 1.4 billion population power.

And how serious the population problem in China is said to be incomprehensible to us. It is said that “the 21st century will be the century facing the Chinese issue.” It is pointed out that “it is a population power.”

It seems that there was a story that a Japanese manager confessed, “Business in China is just unreasonable.”

It seems that there is a domestic situation unique to Chinese society that “Chinese people cannot trust unless they abandon the country.” It is said that “there are historical conditions unique to China, a country that cannot be controlled.”

“The Chinese economy, which carried the burden on the group of state -owned corporations as a group of interests, will definitely collapse. It is not a long -term frame, such as 1-2 generations, but if it is short, within the next 5 years, 10 for a long time. The year will collapse without maintaining the year. China will be the next hegemony state? “” The mystery over the Chinese economy is why a country that has such a large foreign net asset, but in the foreign financial income and expenditure. It converges to one point whether it is a deficit. “” In China, there is a large gap that can be said to be an income difference between urban residents and rural residents. China is the next hegemony nation? The author states.


・ It is said that the number of cases in which unexpected heavy rains will occur due to global abnormal weather, and the embankment created within expected will increase. According to the Internet information on 2021/8/7/27, it has been reported that “about 20,000 Chinese dams are broken by about 20,000 people in the disaster (July 20, 2021).” In China, which is long in rivers, large -scale “flood damage” occurs every year. There is also concern about the impact of natural disasters on the Chinese economy. It seems to be a natural disaster power.

It is said that “it is a population power, so there is anything.” Regarding the actual situation of the Chinese economy, it seems that we are often incomprehensible for us to describe the blind statues. By the way, the author seems to point out that “the dark four years will begin.”

・ “Inscurgeable, toxic soil, filthy residents, strong toxins, and polluted rivers -Especially living habits living with livestock are a medium that evolves into a virus that evolves into a human -infected human. It is. This “natural biological weapon production factory” has always cultivated plague and exported it to other countries. ” (Severe acute respiratory syndrome) is also from China. In addition, there is no time for strange illnesses that stayed in China and did not become pandemic. It is pointed out that China is not an economic power, but a plague power. “

According to experts, the next pandemic is also concerned about the risks from China.

・ I heard from a government executive in the Hujikai era that China was 10 % Europe and 90 % of Africa, but it was said that it was strange. It is said that it describes a group blind image, but it is said that the gap between those who are looking at European and those who are looking at African things is large.

“It is clear that the Chinese media in the form of a quoted media in Japan cannot be trusted by the Chinese report,” China is a good economy. ” In fact, the Chinese economy is close to the end of the demon. “

“In the 21st century, humanity will be the century facing China’s issue.” In particular, companies that have entered China seem to have accumulated a huge know -how and experience.

It is said that “there are historical conditions unique to China, a country that cannot be controlled.” It seems that more and more companies are withdrawn from China because they say, “It’s not like escaping thirty -six.”

“In fact, 90 % of Japanese have a negative impression in China and answered” unpleasant. ” It seems to be a big change since the era of Japan -China relations recovery.

“Japan should consider diplomacy based on the fact that there are completely different countries from themselves.” There were concerns that the Communist Party bureaucrats have become a no -clads (red nobleman), and there are concerns about the crisis situation that restricts richness, such as folk craftsmen in urban areas and rural people.

By the way, it has been pointed out that “China’s strategy is actually leaning in the direction of trying to recover in space in space, which is a military inferiority that was delayed with existing land and neutrition force.

There is a theory that “they have already been a Russian communist forces, and Marx and Lenin were executives of their power.” Speaking of communism, it is said to be “Marx”, but it is originally an alien origin. It seems that there is an alien nation that has become a communist.

The American Biden administration is the Internet information of the world with a lot of gasseneta and fake news, but we do not understand it.

It is said that the ability to see through fake information and fake news authenticity is required. It is unknown where the fiction is and how far is Nanfiction.


・ According to the Internet information (2021/5/7 Yahoo News), the Tokyo Olympics are asked, “Is it possible to hold or be held?” Stalls that is possible.

・ I don’t want to erase the dreams of the athletes in the Tokyo Olympics. Japan’s vaccine development is delayed, but I think it will be verified later. However, it is said that it was a matter of government funding. “India’s infection explosion is continuing, and some bodies are lined up on the street because cremation has been caught up due to the rapid increase in the dead.” There is also a problem of suspension of the new colon virus vaccine patent rights. The situation that does not allow forecast continues.

・ It is said that Japan should consider diplomacy based on the fact that there are completely different countries from themselves.

“I have heard from a government executive in the Hujiki era that” China is 10 % Europe and 90 % of Africa, “but it was strange to say it.” The new Coronavirus has spread from Wuhan to the world, but has shook the world. A huge amount of information about China is spreading throughout the world. It is said that countries around the world are analyzing China in detail. There may be situations where the blind phenomenon is described.

The huge Chinese “light and shadow” involves the world. Various social issues are becoming more serious, and the Internet has spread to the world. Therefore, there is a theory that the European part is larger in China, and the African part is also in a class struggle with the aim of modernization. It is said that “it is a population power, so there is anything.” Can social contradictions be suppressed by the control economy?

It is said that the Communist Party bureaucrats have become a no -clats (red nobleman) and “restricts the richness of the people of the urban areas and the people of rural registered.” There are still many books with negative titles in stores.

The book “What is happening in China now” (House Kai Tokuma Bookstore 2019/10/31) hasn’t shown a new Coronovirus situation, but it probably has fluctuated. In China, it is said that “if there is a policy on the top, there are measures below,” but it is said that it is at the limit. What is happening in China now in 2021? It is probably a very severe situation. The company’s overseas risks are also very increasing.


・ Concerns on the verge of breaking the Chinese economy have been widely reported in the media. The statistical figures can be operated, so the GDP numbers do not seem to be a big problem. There have been various social issues in China. All of them seem to be very difficult to solve. It is said that in the United States, the country has been greatly divided over the processing of “illegal immigrants”, which is said to be 11 million or 14 million. In the case of China, it is said that information is controlled, forming a closed society, and the dissatisfaction of the people is increasing due to the one -party dictatorship system. Like this book, the provision of information from Chinese seems to be valuable. We, the general public, is not familiar with China. It is said that China does not know even if you read newspapers.

It is said that “no one can feed 1.3 billion people in China.” “We will fight because no one can eat 1.3 billion people.” It is said that it was a Communist Party’s common practice to set up a foreign war and turn his interest abroad if the starvation died in large quantities. It is said that if China is democratized, there will be no (nuclear) war with the United States. “There are historical conditions unique to China, a country that cannot be controlled.” There is a major problem with Chinese statistics, and there is a theory of scholars who ridiculed that the actual GDP in China is one -third, and it is said that the GDP religion is meaningless. It has been pointed out that the “country of planning economy” becomes a “unplanned economy country”.

・ What is the eerie prediction of Ishidaira’s “man who knows China more than anyone?” Public opinion does not publicly pay attention to the magnitude of China’s risk of “Chinese real estate bubble, which is 1000 times more dangerous than Dubai”, but is it OK? The shock that was 1000 times bigger than Dubai was exaggerated, but nobody could predict the future development. It is said that Krugman (Nobel Economics Award) predicts that China will continue for 30 years. It is said that Jim Rogers, the most disciple of international investor Soros, said, “The” China era “will come, but it may end at the same time.” It may be time for domestic contradiction to explode like magma. The business world, political world, and the media have been shocked by the huge China risk, and many negative contents have been taken up. It is said that the possibility of a China shock like the Lehman shock gradually appears in various numbers in Chinese society. In China, it is said that “if there is a policy on the top, there will be measures below,” but isn’t the limit?

Many military experts are concerned about the “US -China War”. But is North Korea an unusual situation that “fear occurs one after another?” The possibility of exercising force is stated. It seems to be a conventional brinking policy. It is said that engaging with the US military is inevitable due to the activation of the People’s Liberation Army’s “National Path and Holy War, Taiwan War”, and there is concern that it will be a large -scale war.

We do not know the difficult diplomatic story, but this time it is time to emphasize the views, predictions and experiences of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ occupational diplomat, China School. What do you know about the “China School”?

・ China’s risk has been pointed out for about 10 years, but it has been fascinated by the high growth of the Chinese economy. Contrary to the “lost 20 -year Japanese economy”, it is said that if the “Chinese economy that has grown for 20 years” suddenly occurs, the impact on the global economy will be great.

It seems that there is a black humor that “not investing in investing in investment”, but “How much is a company that invests in China will cause the collapse of the bubble or the original cut down to be damaged.” It is said that you do not know.

It is said that the hedging funds in the United States, who were moving, saying, “Don’t miss the bus,” is working to complete the advance funding. “JAL’s bankruptcy is not what everyone expected, and ordinary investors always hurt.”

It has been pointed out that “the man who knows China more than anyone else,” Ishidaira has increased his interest in the negative situation, “the decline of the Chinese economy falling into a desperate hell.”

・ Is the information agency and the media in each country predicted the “Changes in China” and the governments take measures? What will happen to the trends in the Chinese economy, politics, and society? It seems that there is a recession (economic retreat) in every country, but it has been pointed out the possibility of a depression.

The place where there are many things that are ridiculous in terms of content is the CIA method used to announce outside. The ridiculous books are written by famous authors, have publishers, sold and readers. It seems that there are not many so -called “tondemo books” with ridiculous content.

In addition to this book, George Friedman’s book is a “turbulent prediction” (the near future power balance revealed by the CIA of the Shadow. 211/6/23), and why does the United States fight (the United States fights? ” 2005/12), “The Future of the Battlefield” (how to control the war? 197/8), “The Second Pacific War is inevitable” (1991/5) has been translated and published. 。 The existence of an information company called “CIA of Shadow” seems to be American.

We don’t know how the CIA writes a scenario. However, it seems that a company or organization called an external “CIA of the shadow” asks for a scenario, and based on it, it seems that a strategy will be planned. I’m interested in how to create a future scenario.

It is well known to use Hollywood movies as a CIA’s public relations method. It is said that various stories are imprinted in Hollywood films and accumulated in the popularity of the masses. Also. There seems to be a story that the CIA has been moved to another organization because it has become so famous worldwide.

China, which has serious population and social issues, seems to have increased the “China Collapse theory” that causes international problems and destroys self -destruction in various aspects. The Cyber ​​War in the US and China has begun, and the media and China Wouchers seem to keep an eye on China’s movements. In media around the world, it seems that the Chinese issue is a typhoon eye.

・ Instead of declining in the United States, it seems that there is a theory that it will be more and more prosperous in the early stage of development. Alien Engineering (Space Science and Technology) has pointed out that the United States does not lose its strongest position. Will China, which is not only in the population, also become a world’s disaster?

He says, “The demon will laugh next year,” he will not even know the next year, but he will not predict decades ahead. It will be difficult for professionals to predict the future. Isn’t it published in a remote -future book like a US magmony ge?

It has been pointed out that a certain hedge fund in the United States was “completing funding” because it was a Chinese real estate bubble with 1000 times destructive power of Dubai.

It seems that the hedge fund’s prospects and quick actions are attracting attention. It seems that Abenomics could not stop Japan’s “the possibility that the lost 20 years will develop into a terrible situation”. It is said that Prime Minister Abe himself acknowledged Abenomics failure.

Many Japanese companies have entered China, but it has been pointed out that measures have already been taken.

When China shock becomes a reality, there is a concern that Japan’s “lost 20 years” economy will worsen.

Most media changes from a positive tone that talks about the “bright Chinese economy” to negative tone, and when “the collapse of the Chinese real estate bubble, which has 1000 times destructive power of Dubai,” occurs What will happen to the economic disaster of 20 years? It is said that it will take several years to operate the statistical numbers.

We ordinary people have no idea about “lie of statistical numbers”. It has been pointed out that the statistics of socialist countries are suspicious. For countries where statistics are not accurate, and countries where statistics cannot be obtained, there is no judgment specification, but it seems difficult to understand. “Isn’t the economic growth rate negative for both 15 and 16 years? If so, this is clearly more than the Lehman Shock for Japan.”

“A man who knows China more than anyone,” Ishidaira expects a very negative future. It is a book 15 years ago, but is the situation coming to the current world?

Regarding China Risk, there was also a US fund manager called “Chinese Real Estate Bubble, which is 1000 times more dangerous than Dubai”, and the political and business community, which finally noticed its size, was attracting attention.


・ It is said that the Koizumi Cabinet was very thorough, so there was no big scandal, but it is often pointed out that the Abe Cabinet was sweet and various problems were continued. ” However, this seems to be the story of the first Abe Cabinet. Is there still a problematic member of the Diet? Is there more personnel enough to have an inappropriate member? It is an era when politicians’ scandals are being transmitted to the world online. “Reforms are delayed because really good bureaucrats and politicians are not appointed.” It seems that the system is severe and the system has deteriorated. In addition, the deterioration of bureaucrats and politicians seems to be severe. Is “physical examination” deteriorated so much? In this era, the national blood tax tax eater may be growing.また地方議員の近未来の姿は欧米のようにボランティア議員の流れだといわれます。



「“政界屈指の政策通という評判” 商工族として地歩を築いたが、通信傍受法制定や人権擁護法案を巡っては法務省との折衝にあたるなど、「法務族」議員でもある。薬害肝炎訴訟では、法務省との調整に与謝野があたり、議員立法の私案を作成、2007年12月に福田康夫が政治決断する環境を整えた。また与謝野は、官僚の作成した政策を説明できる能力に長けていることから、自民党時代から「政界きっての政策通」として評価されている一方、獨協大学教授の森永卓郎は「財政再建を優先する与謝野の主張は財務省の主張そのもの」と批判している。事実「経済書は日銀OBの吉野俊彦の岩波新書を一冊読んだだけだ」と告白している。













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