Las Vegas

There are many Spanish names in the United States near Mexico. This is because Spain once dominated. Las Vegas Las Vegas is also a Spanish meadow, which is named after the old Spanish was a meadow when it passed.

Las Vegas has begun to flourish as the casino has entered since 1931, when Nevada legalized gambling. It is a reputation as a city of gambling and entertainment, so Americans are called to the new Citi SIN City. Since the modern version of Sodom and Gomorrah, the symbols of the fallen cities, the nickname of Shin Citi is just appropriate.

In addition to the insidious images of the gambling industry associated with the mafia, the bundle of money shakes the bundle and expresses the frivolous stiffness that is possible if it is money. It is natural that Las Vegas is the stage where a millionaire Robert Redford will give a $ 1 million to 바카라카지노 a poor newlyweds. How can we better express the frivolous philosophy of the city?

Las Vegas buildings are gorgeous. If it’s money, it’s a gorgeous building to show that it’s possible. Hotels with casinos are typical. It reproduces the world’s symbolic buildings as it proves that even history and tradition can be made with money. It’s like an emerging rich United States, which is just as if it’s a historic but old Europe.

Las Vegas also has a venice canal and a gondol, a Paris Eiffel Tower, and an Egyptian pyramid. Above all, there is a casino that makes you dream of a single amount. The casino forgets the flow of time. I forget the sirness while enjoying Las Vegas. Everyone dreams of becoming rich here, but eventually leaves as a vacant battery. The short welding eventually ends with a welcome, and the slot machine, which is installed at the airport, seems to symbolize the frivolousness of the city where the last little money of the vacant tourist must be scraped off and scraped off.

Of course, I can’t say that the recent Las Vegas is such a bad city. The casino industry, which is considered a pronoun of entertainment and illegality, tried to dismiss the image and transform it into a family -enjoyed leisure space. It is also a city of various conferences, including famous CES. There are many attractions, including Grand Canyon. When you drive a road from Hoover Dam to Las Vegas at night, the lights of Las Vegas, which are on the hill that enters Las Vegas, are spectacular. It is a strong thrill that can be felt in the artificial beauty created by humans.

However, the image that still remains for people is the image of a city of gambling and entertainment. For example, in a movie based on Las Vegas, most of them are drawn as a city of such an image. What happened in Las Vegas is left in Las Vegas, leaving what happen in vegas stays in vegas is famous. Is it an implicit social consensus that you can enjoy a deviation in a fallen city, and you can forgive and forgive all what happened here?

Thus, in this city, even the wife of others will never feel exaggerated. Where is it impossible in money in a city that reveals the unfamiliarity of this frivolous and poor capitalism!

Take the YAMAHA XG250 tricker this morning

Once back home, wipe and clean each part

Have lunch and try riding after 14:00

I went …

Nanazawa -Hyuga Yakushi -Isehara -Hadano, and Yabitsu Pass

Yabitsu Pass has been a long time

I don’t remember what time I ran before

Was it XJR1300 or VTR1000F?

It was narrow, the road surface was bad, there were many bicycles and cars, and it was not interesting on a large road type, so it was a route that I never ran, but today’s machine is a 250cc dual para.

There is no rough road in the whole paved, so I tried to run for a tricker trial ride.

The time I climbed from Hadano was already a little past 16:00, so it was empty, there was no car or motorcycle to run to Miyagase at a good pace from beginning to end!

At first I was thinking of running with a fluffy, but once I turned the throttle, it was very interesting with Hirari Hirari, Kurukuru, and it was a pretty attacked run …

The engine is good, and the brakes are not particularly fine

I have a long history of motorcycles, but I have never ran a pass with such a type of machine, so it is very fresh.

Anyway, the body is light and the small turn is effective

Fun, topless!

I wonder if I will try to run a forest road and a cheerful dirt.

But if you look closely, the tires are quite reduced, and there are some places that are damaged, so I need to replace them.

19:00 Return

Mileage 114㎞


This was what I was wearing when I was on the XJR1300

In addition, it was officially riding Yamaha, so it was revived



Levi’s 503


Shungo Baccarat Life가 좋지 않습니까? 정말 어때?

최근에 걱정하는 것

도박의 이미지를 깨뜨리고

자산을 올바르게 증가시키는 투자로 간주되는 바카라 교육 자료 인 것은 약간 의심스러운 것 같습니다.

그것은 이론적이고 구체적이며 재현 가능한 것으로 유명합니다.

⇒ 경험과 인상을 구입했습니다

2 년 이상의 검증 기간의 결과로 올바른 규칙을 사용하여 전략과 전술을 최대한 활용합니다.

카지노가 투자 될 것이라는 증거를 얻을 수있는 방법입니다.

이 교육 자료를 읽으면 걱정이 해결 될 수 있습니다.

해 봅시다.

뭔가 \ xa1

최근에, 나는 채팅에서 이익 트위터에 대해 걱정하고 있습니다.

그런 다음 언젠가 쓸 것입니다.


0 Tweet 최근에, 나는 Sunggo가 작성한 “Baccarat Life”라는 매뉴얼에 대해 걱정하고 있습니다. 도박의 이미지를 깨고 자산을 올바르게 증가시키는 투자로 간주되는 바카라 교재는 약간 의심 스럽지만 이론적이고 구체적이며 재현 가능한 것으로 유명합니다. 코인카지노 2 년간의 검증 기간의 결과로 올바른 규칙을 사용하고 전략과 전술을 사용하여 카지노가 투자 될 것이라는 증거를 얻을 수있는 방법입니다. 이 교육 자료를 읽으면 걱정이 해결 될 수 있습니다. 해 봅시다. 어쨌든 최근에 나는 채팅 등의 이익 트위터가 걱정됩니다. 그런 다음 언젠가 쓸 것입니다. >>> “바카라 생명”의 내용

상점을 포함한 5 명이 오사카 미나미에서 불법 온라인 카지노 매장을 운영 한 혐의로 체포되었습니다. 체포는 중독성 도박, 징고 미야자키 살리엘 (Shingo Miyazaki Saliel), 기적의 이사, 오사카 추노 (Chuo -Ku)의 인터넷 도박 가게 및 4 명의 직원에 대한 의심으로 체포되었습니다. Miyazaki와 그의 동료들은 개인용 컴퓨터를 사용하여 온라인 카지노에서 고객과 도박을하는 것으로 의심되었습니다. 경찰은 미야자키의 승인을 공개하지 않았다. 경찰에 따르면, 크레이지슬롯 매장은 회원 기반 시스템이며, 상점에 들어갈 때 상점의 이름을 확인하기 위해 인터콤을 사용하여 불법 운영을 피하려고했다고 믿어집니다. 경찰은 관계에서 현금으로 약 330 만 엔을 압수했으며 판매가 갱스터에게 흘러 나오는 경우 조사하고 있습니다.

Burberry Men’s Wallet Recommended & Popular Ranking 3 Select [2022 latest version]

Fashion brand Burberry from the UK sells not only clothing but also high -quality accessories. In this article, we introduce products that are attracting attention among stylish men in Burberry’s men’s wallets in a ranking format. In addition to the recommended rankings based on actual data, it also explains how to choose good, so if you want to get a higher -grade men’s wallet, it is a must -see! 【すぐ届く】ディオール ダイヤモンド2つ折ウォレット★コンパクト財布 3色 2ESBC027DCOH43Eメンズファッション » 財布・雑貨 » 折りたたみ財布型番2ESBC027DCOH43E2ESBC027DCOH42E2ESBC027DCOH24E〇製品仕様ディオール 「CD ダイヤモンド」キャンバス1974年にマーク・ボアンがデザインしたグラフィカルな「CD ダイヤモンド」 The design is reinterpreted with an “CD” initial, composed of architectural lines, and decorated on organic cotton canvas. Dior Smooth Carf Skin Skin Front and palladium coating brass “Dior” signature embossed “Dior” Signature “Dior” Signature 2 folding design Snap Button specification coin compartment bills for coins, flat compartment X2, card slot x4 with dust bag : 11.5 x 9.5 CM CM CM CM CAT CAT CAT CAT CAT Men’s Double Fold Wallet Fake [Domestic] 21082417 ・ Color: BLACK / Size: Approximately 10cm × Vertical 8cm x 2.5cm, Other Size: Other Size: Chain Length: about 27.5cm ・ Weight: Approximately 210g ・ Material: Leather / Opening and closing: Snap / Inside: Bagetin × 1, open pocket × 2, card pocket × 4 chrome hearts (chrome hearts). ☆ Martial arts wallet chains and logo plates match the chic leather. A cross that is indispensable for chrome hearts is stitched on the back. Adopts a snap design that can open and close quickly. It is a smart design that can be used in pants pockets. Chrome Hearts X Folding Wallet Model (CH Cross) Category Men’s Fashion »Wallet/Supporial» Folding Wallet Items Length about 12.2 cm (Closed) Width about 10.5cm (closed state) Material/Color Alligator/Silver925 1 billing place Card slot 5 Zipper Coin Area Cross Button Interior Dagger Nylon Lint Floral Gromet This is a two -fold wallet with Japanese yen in Japanese yen. Glomets are standard equipment, so you can 코인카지노 attach a wallet chain. It is a very easy to use and recommended wallet. Leather uses a very valuable alligator leather that can only be tasted with chrome hearts. 【Related article】:

The Ibis Summer Dash (3 years old, GIII, Shiba 1000m) will be held at Niigata Racecourse on the 31st. It is the only specialty of summer horse racing called “Senna” because it is the only straight course in the JRA prize. Rapid pride gathering again this year. Last year’s champions, all -at -one, and 2019 champion lion bosses will be verified by frame order and horse number. ■ Data by frame order of the past 10 years [1 frame] 0-0-1-16/17 Head win recovery rate 0% per win recovery rate 129% [2 frames] 1-2-13/17 Head win recovery Rate 20% win recovery rate 58% [3 frames] 0-0-0-18/18 head win recovery rate 0% win recovery rate 0% [4 frames] 1-1-0-18/20 Head win recovery Rate 12% Win recovery rate 15% [5 frames] 1-1-1-17/20 Head win recovery rate 39% win recovery rate 25% [6 frames] 1-2-2-15/20 Head win recovery Rate 9% winning recovery rate 72% [7 frames] 2-2-4-16/24 head winning rates 25% per win recovery rate 64% [8 frames] 4-2-1-17/24 The rate of 236%, the winning rate of 87%, 12 horses in 2014, and 13 in 2016, so the number of runs on the outer frame is relatively large. In addition, the only contributing to the 온라인바카라주소 pervasal recovery rate was the effect of Baccarat Eien, who had been on the third line in the same race last year and achieved three -place lines. It was the 14th most popular ambush in the second win class challenge from the two -win -class class, but it shows a good run that overturns it, and it was a phenomenal refund of 2200 yen. However, a good example of one frame before Baccarat Eun must go back to Apollo Dolche (3rd place) in 2008, and whether to regard this as a “off -value value” or “aim” is the discretion of the individual. It is left. ■ Ibis SD winning horse of the past 10 years [2012] Padotorova 8 frames 16th (7 popular) [2013] Hakusan Moon 7 frame 13 (1 popular) [2015] Belcanto 8 frames 13th (1 popular) [2016] Belcant 4 frames 4th (1 popular) Ban (1 popular) [2019] Lion Boss 6 frames 11th (1 popular) [2020] Jokana Chang 5 frame 9 (2 popular) Niigata 1000m is a common theory of “outer frame advantage”. There is no exception in the Ibis Summer Dash, which is 8.3%for seven frames and 16.7%for eight frames. There are complex factors, such as stable outer reachers stable than inside, and braking that relying on outside lattices, but at the same time, it is easy to gain popularity, and it is reflected in the numerical value of the winning recovery rate and the winning recovery rate. There is. On the other hand, Rhein Meitia, who won the 11th place on the way in 2017, won 3870 yen (8 popular). In 2012, Padtrova was greatly involved in the rise of the winning rate of 1160 yen (7 popular). When aiming for a popular horse by paying attention to the outer frame, it is likely that you will need to devise how to buy it, and even if you are less popular, you will need the courage to believe in “outer frame advantage”.

How to use new features of Xhorse VVDI key tool MAX PRO

Check the complete video:

How to charge the key?

Special function >> Remote charging battery

Press “OK”.

The device will start charging.

How to test the leakage current?

Before the test, you need to connect the device and the leak detection cable.

1. Special 크레이지슬롯 Functions >> Press Leakage Detection / Voltage Detection >> Leakage Detection >> OK

2. Contact the probe at both ends of the leakage inspection cable with the key chip that tests.

Leak current can be tested on the device screen.

You can see the display of the value.

How to test the voltage?

1. Special Functions >> Police Detection / Voltage Detection >> Voltage Detection >> OK

2. Contact the battery of the leaked cable. The black probe is negative and the red probe is plus.

You can now see the display of the test voltage of the device.

On September 22, Apple and three major domestic mobile phone companies released a smartwatch “Apple Watch Series 3”. The biggest topic about this new Apple Watch is that the device alone has been able to stand and speak voice calls. This time, we will explain the technology called “ESIM” that achieved this, and organize the questions for users.

ESIM that can incorporate communication and calling functions into various devices

Until now, there have been functions to notify smartphones and email reception in smartphones and wearable activity meters, which was also possible with the conventional Apple Watch. However, this was just a function to inform the smartphone’s call. In addition, smartphones and smartwatches need to be paired at all times, so they could not be used unless they were carried as a set. On the other hand, in the new Apple Watch Series 3, even if you do not carry the iPhone, you can receive calls on the phone number of the iPhone, and you can talk with the other party using the Apple Watch speaker and microphone. It will be possible. In addition, it is possible to use SMS (IMESSAGE), use Siri, and Apple Music music streaming without iPhone. Finally, taking a big step toward a “watch -type mobile phone” had a big impact for me to exceed the iPhone X’s announcement. According to Apple, the call function can be used by iPhone 6 / 6Plus or higher with iOS11 or later, and the 에볼루션카지노 phone number is shared with the number of iPhone. For this reason, for the cellular version of Apple Watch Series 3, the iPhone is treated as a “parent unit” and it is essential to use it at the same mobile phone company. DOCOMO has an option plan that can be used by linking the iPhone and the Apple Watch Series 3 under the name of “One Number Service”, KDDI (au), SoftBank is “Apple Watch Mobile Communication Service”. 。

“5/12.5/13 Working diary (return/return)”

The truth is unknown, but the full amount at the net casino … The amount of money I usually spend in the hall looks like a end w

And the refusal refusal seems to have expressed his intention to return. I don’t have any sympathy, but I want you to repay it little by little.

After that, I would like you to reflect on the side that accidentally transferred.

Humans are creatures that devils come. You are also responsible for those who create such a situation.

I repeatedly not sympathize with the arrested man, but it is also true that the man’s life has changed. You have to take it heavy.

By the way, to your work diary. The volume is large in 2 days, so if you have time, please w

● 5/12 (Thursday)

To a certain store. I can hit the bio, so I’ll try it.

① Resident Evil 7 (morning 더존카지노 Ichidai)

1st … Lv.4⭕ (Rare role?)

2nd… ❌ (Settings ① denial)

1st … lv.6⭕

2nd … ⭕

190G.864 sheets

In the morning, ① denial (= ② or more). Even though it comes to a choice through the second CZ …

1st… Lv.4❌ (Settings ① denial)

1st … lv.2❌ (Settings ③ denial)

1st … lv.2❌ (Settings ③ denial)

1st … lv.3❌

1st … lv.3❌ (②) suggestions)

Yame (10 sheets)

It’s a raging CZ5 consecutive loss. It’s different

② Oki Doki DUO (None per 79g from morning)

87 B (46 sheets) → Right lighting

32 Yame (176 sheets)

③ Oki Doki DUO (77g. Morning 218g won)

321 R (watermelon) (400 sheets) → Right lighting

20 B

32 B

13 B

5 B

24 B

32 Yame (951 sheets)

④ Devilman (1/319) (490 revolutions remaining overnight)

2500 investment+19.5k

12075 collections

⑤ Basilisk Kizuna 2 (371G.0 through)

250 investment

170 copies

⑥ Anemone (Data 105g. Energy section 358g digestion)

135 R (100 sheets)

91 R (50 sheets)

112 R (150 sheets)

225 Ceiling B (200 sheets+1k) → AT

AT after AT (764 sheets)

◎ 5/12 income and expenditure


● 5/13 (Fri)

From morning to a certain store. Go to Basilisk Kizuna 2 to try it.

① Basilisk Kizuna 2 (morning Ichidai)

500 investment+9K

201 sheets

Judging that it is a little different (← maybe the left is ④. It was empty ~ w)

Next, I sat down on the new platform I was interested in. I’m writing it, so if you are that, please skip it w

② Super Sea Monogatari in JAPAN Festival (219g after AT). Normally, the ceiling is up to 599g (573g+precursor), but if the advantage section is taken over after AT, it will be up to 299g. However, was this 6.4? He doesn’t know if he has taken over the advantageous section because he can’t see the advantageous section lamp. For the time being, it was on the data machine that the AT exceeded 300. It seems that there are still more advantageous sections, so I thought that there would be a possibility of taking over. Then it seemed to be hit by the ceiling inherited as described above. First of all, the sea festival bonus that starts with the design is a pseudo bonus of 30g fixed. After this, there is a sea RUSH challenge to acquire AT, and it is a bonus for acquiring that right (G). By the way, if you have an odd number of patterns, the RUSH challenge is confirmed (← the first with a few g warranty). If you have an even -numbered pattern as shown in the photo above, you have to gain rights during the bonus digestion. If you can not get it, it will end as it is (← it seems that there is also an AT rush in the rescue) 13g of RUSH Challenge G has been obtained. After that, the total RUSH Challenge G was taken afterwards, and during the Sea RUSH Challenge, the CZ for the number of ATs earned at the sea festival bonus earlier. The AT will be elected with the above probability. It’s a bit different, but it’s like a super -pulling challenge of a monkey turn. Lottery on the left hold icon on the left (the photo is only “?”, But w) and the number of cards in accordance with the established role at that time. At the start of AT, close to Yoshimune 3’s fire. Lottery on the left hold icon on the left (the photo is only “?”, But w) and the number of cards in accordance with the established role at that time. If the basic role is close to Yoshimune 3’s continuity big, it will be added. Probably there is a warranty G, and if it is digested to some extent, the end icon will appear. If the small role is not available, the specialization ends → AT start. That’s it for the number of bonuses and something added or something on the way. I didn’t know what to do during the AT. Apparently, it is a suggestion of the odd expectations at the next bonus. Basically, there is no character, and the expectation is increased in the order of marine 예스카지노 in the link.

If you like, please report to the Excite from this form.

“2022-128 Special Edition New Owasha 6.5 Machine 6.5 Is it the first hit cut? ]

Almost all of the infection contacts with droplets

Do not splash

Don’t touch your eyes and mouth on the go, thoroughly wash your hands before touching

And enjoy your spare time freely.

I’ve been hitting Inuyasha for the first time

Change the order significantly

Click here for thumbnail


Ariste clat

Released in July 2022

Unit 6.5 AT

It is a model that has been talked about as 20,000 copies.

The return is clearly different from the previous Unit 6

However, investment is several times faster than 6.0.

It is a personal comparison with Unit 6.0

The impression is that the risk is doubled and the return is 1.5 times.

Risk is normal

The return is AT

If you hit

Personally, I want to put a cap as much as possible in normal times

Speaking of investment caps

Yes, the ceiling

Even though it is via the manufacturer, each company’s own research and somehow the information that has a mouth is aligned.

・ Normally 666 games pseudo bonus

・ AT with a pseudo bonus up to 8 times

It is difficult to control the normal times with these two combinations

Another one is

・ AT direct hit in 3000 games after entering the advantageous section

This is it

At the time when the advantageous section expires


The slash zone

Go to CZ with a 50%AT expectation

Assume this is correct

In other words, paraphrased at the same price

If you are not in the slash zone

The advantageous section is not expired

Button pouch

AT first hit 4 times

The slash zone is 0 times

And the pseudo bonus is being challenged for the first time

You can see that it was AT just before

Then, the current speed is

Cumulative counter is 2249 games

Big treatment 17 times

7 times regular

Although various theories are flowing

It is said that the advantageous section is cut off and entered the slash zone after 2500 games after entering the advantageous section.

If you combine this far

In the previous AT, the advantageous section has not expired

In other words, if you turn it about a few hundred games, you can get an AT directly hit and a slash zone.

Of course, if you are AT on your own before that

If you collect the number of digestion games from the number of games obtained in each hit that appears at the data counter

The number of games to the ceiling will be more accurate, but if the materials are ready, I don’t feel it.

By the way, the advantageous section expires

・ 3000 game ceiling

・ AT run

・ Acquired 1000 or more

It looks like this

If the display in the liquid crystal and the counter history are analoged, it may be possible to find out the timing of the cut.

Approximately 5.6 replacements, unlimited reservation medal reusable

61 games after AT ~

Start of battle

138 savvy medals investment

From the slashing eye to the battle

Is the red letters strong even though they are three stars?

The slashing eye stopped again

To the pseudo bonus

After the pseudo bonus, go to the CZ, which is an AT precursor.

So draw a rare role

The next lever is an opportunity

Aim for the bar


Dozens of coins are gone

Added medal addition 46

Did you pull anything or miss the chance?

The slashing stopped

Expectation Stars There are four enemies

64 games

Pseudo bonus

CZ as a sign of AT

10 Games do not cut in

Further 10 games

It seems that it is decided if there is no cut -in here.

Well, cut -in will come out


Final game

Gold letters?


20 games bonus high probability

It is important to connect the bonus anyway by stopping the subtraction or putting the number of games in this rush itself.

First one shot!


Don’t take over the number


I am from the 25th RB

What about the takeover standard?

e? Does not matter?

Well, it doesn’t matter if the number of ears is small

But take the next two bonuses

Finally the last

Also in gold letters

Bonus 3 shots

With this, 1000 copies

In other words, it’s a slash zone.

Aligned three times in 6 shots

So far

I personally get about 700 sheets

Shaba slash zone

Can I pass 50%expectation?

There is nothing until the last game

Chance I pulled

Open eyes

Against the slash 더존카지노 rush

30 games

Hmm, no matter what you hit

Maybe here

Let’s see the suggestion of 50 games for the time being


26 Game pseudo bonus


Turn 50 games

Stop it

[184 copies of saving medal investment 1288 pieces]

It is good in terms of attaching an investment cap that was a theme.

I can’t put it out because I’m strength, so I have a high hurdle

Any model is stuffy

So let’s come!

This article, which describes the entire operation of this day, will be again …


Commentary article

Capture article

People who are good at slots are often good at articles

I guess the power of organizing the brain and assembling logically is strong.

Actions backed by the theory … I feel even longing

I remembered that I was writing

There is no practice without theory

The theory without practice is death

It was written on the wall of the high school club room

The high school is the best 4 this summer tournament

The lost opponent won and became a representative

High school baseball from weekends has never been supported

Is me. Someone who came to such a frontier blog and thank you for comments (/ω \) I seemed to be interested in SS, so I shot it together! 【Nice to meet you! Nao (Nao)] I was a cute person (*´Д `) I thought I’d change it because the hairstyle was the same, but I dare to feel twin and w Ikemen ^^ (I showed you the place where I removed the face shield properly w) I just made a request for bunny clothes, so I decided to go to the casino, but PSO2 started with NGS. I couldn’t do it (^^; I just could go with what I was able to go to. If I thought about it, PSO2 did not do it for a while on PS4, but it was DL. , I. And NGS did not create a “partner card” (Patoka), so if I wondered how to register as a fret, I could do it normally without a card (just in case, I went to PSO2 and updated the card. I have done it), but!) However, up to 200 people registered?! I was impatient when I couldn’t send it because I had never been rejected. Thank you ^^ Continue

[NBS] Nice to meet you, bunny clothes

[I & me 온라인슬롯머신검증사이트 & me] is “Yuma & Yu Kuma & Sho” [I] is a diary of “Mayu”. Currently inhabiting loosely in PSO2NGS / SHIP7. (*’-‘) B The image is borrowed by the @SEGA logo on the # belly white glasses.

By maryo_t See Profile Receive an image list update notification

Maryu: Duman

Yuma: Newman

Yuma: Human

Sho: Duman

Uguiso -an: Duman

U-2: Cast

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Epoi’s Ladies Wallet Recommended & Popular Ranking 3 Selections [2022 latest version]

High quality and sophisticated Epoi Ladies Wallet has attracted attention from stylish women. This article summarizes the women’s wallet of Epoi’s popular series loved by many people. Please check out the rankings that understand popularity, the characteristics of each series, and 코인카지노 how to select them so that they can be helpful when choosing. [Color] Silver Silver Bracket [Material] Genuine Leather [Size] Approximately 8cm Card Slot x 6 This design is also useful for small bags because it also includes cards. I want to stick to small accessories, high quality things. Grain calf and resistant to scratches! !

Louis Vuitton Wallet Copy Monogram Bron Portofoille Long Wallet M60281

Material: Body: Monogram Multicolor Canvas

Size (approx.): H: 10.5cmw: 12.5cmd: 3cm

Body weight: about 240g

Specifications: Welcome x1 card case x 9 pockets x 2 coin purse zippered partitions) x 1 clear pocket (ID case) x 1


Domestic shipping ◆ Balenciaga Wallet Copy Men’s Gift ♪ Simple Coin Case Men Fashion »Wallet / Supporial» Coin Case / Coin Purse Size: Approximately 9.5 (cm) x 12 (cm) × 2.5 (cm) Material Coin purse × 1 outer outer:-Accessories: Box * Color: as shown in the photo (actual photography) * Level: 1 to 1 (Class N class) And the real thing is better than the photo! * Get good products with affordable value! ! 【Related article】:

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Restoration/History of work? | Anything blog ver2

Uchi was founded in 1981.

Yes, at the age of 30, self -employed.

Go to T factory for 2 years from the age of 21.

In addition, 6 and 4 months to Company N.

Note: T factory is a cutting knife and still has a relationship.

In our age, it is often said that houses (relatives, etc.) have entered the family business because they are button shops.

Rather, is it a very minority to jump into the button industry like me?

Note: Furthermore, is it a very small minority that has been a button shop (barely), 37 years after 37 years.

In the sense that it was finally self -employed.

When I started self -employed, I bought five small aircraft (used) (used only).

OH at the ironworks of my parents’ house.

The purchase price is 40,000 to 100,000 per unit.

Note: Easy created by a local town factory? It’s a machine … It’s an automatic machine, so there are some parts score, but …

With these machines, three round balls (3.5 mm, 4.5mm, 5mm, 6mm) are cut with three cars.

At that time, the company I worked for was processed into a round ball of the penetrating hole/one hole by processing the 6mm round bars and processing three steps by processing them.

Well, round bars have a high material unit price (cut -off fare is also required), and can not be processed by automatic (a special machine is required).

In the case of a sliced ​​material, the smallest 10mm material was ordered, and it was processed into a round ball of one hole/penetrating hole with three single -shot automatic bodies.

The material cost was cheap and cheap.

Note: There was a lot of difficulty when using a one -shot automatic machine.

After that, the company I worked for knew that I was cutting a round ball with three single -shot automatic bodies, so I had a processing shop who was subcontracting …

It is difficult to drill the center with a single processing machine.

I mean, there is no idea of ​​how to do it, the subcontractor processing shop.

So, I asked us for teaching.

Yes, I taught me carefully and gave me more jigs … for free.

Later, look at the round ball that came on … poor! It’s not round!

I was expecting such a thing, so I gave a drilling jig.

We sell about 2 million units in two years.

After that (in about 2 years?) Because the machine cannot cut a large thick blank …

I ended up buying two domestic automatic machines (new) copies a German single -shot machine.

The first one is 1.8 million, and the other six months later is 2 million.

The accuracy is poor, but the idea is good because it is made of Germany.

I used it.

Six years later (1988), I purchased a small multifunction device (three) from Italy (through domestic agencies).

Then, I purchased four more from the Italian machine manufacturer through an agency.

In the process, I met ANTONIO SACCONMANDI of I Bonetti.

He came to us several times with the repair of the machine and a good mood.

I’m coming.

I was waiting for the biggest joy …

At the time of the first repair, I bought Game Boy and Soft and let his youngest daughter take it home as a souvenir.

I’m retired, but when I came to my house …

A ntonio was helping you at the exhibition, even if you retired.

Antonio is a picture of borrowing my colleagues and calling me from the Italian exhibition hall.

Yes, the other side of the earth? So I was talking.

Note: 11 years ago.

By the way, the Far East agency of I / B has changed to K company a while ago.

The person with the central look (black shirt) is the current agency president.

Ummm, as usual, the front swing is long!


Indeed, it is a history.

Well, the main subject?

The head that has changed from Y / B’s Far Eastern agency to the current company K to the current company K ~

I / B’s engineer and I were personally familiar, so the president of the agency K company also respect me? I am paying.

At this time, bring souvenirs to our house!


The other day, it is a sleeve that cleaned the inside …

At this time, I needed one sleeve for some reason, but I received it for free from Company K.

In addition, a certain same company is a pioneer in the introduction of laser aircraft, so when K company receives a repair request from the destination of the machine, first asks the colleagues to ask about the failure point or repair method from the symptoms of the machine. Was common.

Note: I was only friendly with Antonio Saccomandi, but a certain fellow company has the number of purchased machinery and is closely related to I and B (I and B Company B hears opinions on Japanese specifications. Because it is, I am still friendly with several employees of Company B.

For that reason, the current agency K also had a glance and seconds to a certain same company.

Yes, for several years.

In the New Year of Bon, the president of the K company and the couple come together to deliver it.

By the way, now over a dozen years have passed, the effects of our house have disappeared immediately, but is it a special treatment for a certain colleague? Mo, it disappears in the past!

Such a thing is a story for the world.

If you say it is natural, it is natural.

Is that a little noticeable? Just say.

Separately, we are not a problem either.

This morning, there was a consultation from a certain same company on the account.

Well, my advice? I don’t know how good or bad …

If it is a little advantageous here, some patience, at this time! ?

Save as much as possible.

I decided to say.

Of course, I hardly buy it.

Yes, it has become a processing industry that can be worked without buying.


It has been a little as 2 years since I accepted the processing of the peers …

In the meantime, what did you buy from Company K about 8 sets of chuck?

Chito, are you sorry?

Anyway, I don’t want to stop the I / B company’s agency, so I don’t want to stop at K’s agency to be more clear.

It has become longer.

There is no editing function …


Since some articles mentioned earlier are summarized, there are some parts where similar things are duplicated.

Yahoo! Blog, which has been continued since 2006, ended in December 2019. Some try to write here with copy and paste.

This is not available for Java Script, so editing and comments have been omitted.

Described on August 3, 2013

I ran my self -employed at the age of 30 and 4 months or 5 months. The second house is a size of a typical regional industry, with 20 employees at the time of joining the company and 40 at the time of leaving the company. At that time, the earrings attached to high -teen (do you still use 코인카지노 it now?) Are very popular. Also, I am in charge of planning, manufacturing and selling hairpins and hair clips used by my sister a little higher. At the time of sample, he also works on a buckle for women to take and make a sample. Of course, the self -employed content after leaving the company is accessories. After leaving the company, KS had a contact from the other side after a while. Well, I wrote above that the collection was not completed. One day, when I was working, I called me. Oh, first of all, the condition of the company I worked at at that time was a little a bit … maybe after I left, the company grew bigger, expanded my hands, and advanced to the clothes. As a result, the importance of accessories is relatively reduced. A certain: You and Koya, how many days can you do with this (product) Nambo? I: No, I’m doing it alone, so even if I was told suddenly …

Note: 30 years ago, XX is the company I worked for. A certain: Yes, you, the eagle is XX and says that you buy 7 million a month!

In my belly … what’s the relationship with my house! ?

I: That’s right, I don’t say 7 million in the month from XX, can you buy 700,000 on 1/10? If you intend to do so, you can almost in a state close to the exclusive. This is a conversation when I was a little 30 years old and my partner was nearly 50 years old.

I think there is almost no mistake even if there is some difference in the nuances.

Even now, this person will misunderstand something! ? I can’t write much in detail, but when I was working, my predecessor was there. Despite my person in charge, when I answered, I was replaced by my predecessor, and I received a terrible situation that I received an order through my predecessor. The size of the company has become large, and my claims and orders are no longer receiving the preferential treatment of the company, and I have a phone call to me! ? On the way, Ha -san, HA, ordered us, and KS, of course, ordered an order from the company I was working on. HA, who orders an order, gets goods at the time of Sokosoko. KS, whose company treatment is gone, has a delayed delivery date. “I’m going to buy 7 million a month from XX.” 4.5 mm, 5mm and 6mm round balls are filled with 5 out of six 15kg packing in the image. At that time, small round balls (5mm, 6mm) were also made a considerable number. Is it nearly 3 million in 2.5 million in several years, including its peak? At that time, the above KS was also difficult to get from the others, so I bought it in 100,000 units from my house, though unwillingly. Is it more than 10 years since I became self -employed … I: I’m 100,000 units, but at least 10,000 pieces … conversation in the company of XX is from the telephone door. I can hear you. Well, the craftsman wants to make 10,000 pieces.

Note: A craftsman is me, but at the time, I wasn’t a whole craftsman, I was doing business with materials, so it wasn’t a labor work … I don’t have a job too ~

TWICE Nayon’s stalker, enters Korea again … “To surprise you” in the video

Foreign stalker, who has been suffering from girl group TWICE Nayon, has once again entered Korea.

The man of the stalker announced himself on his YouTube channel on the 21st that he had entered Korea. In the video, this man, “Happy Birthday, I love you and hope that today’s birthday is a very fun day. I have returned to Korea to surprise you.” He said.

In addition, “I have prepared two small birth gifts, but I’m thinking about how to give them. I don’t know when and where we can meet exactly.” I would be happy if I thought it was. I really love you and I really want to see you. “

Photo] BTS / V and Jenny’s two photos leaked again … Is it another cut of the matching “close -up shot”?

Photos of BTS (BTS) V and BLACKPINK Jenny leaked again.

[Photo] V and Jenny, matching T -shirts “close -up shots”

On September 22, a certain online community spread photos with two people who seemed to be V and Jenny in a matching T -shirt.

This photo shows the same clothes as the one released on August 29, but it is another angle.

Because the angle is different, the two wrists that could not be confirmed in the previous photo are reflected, but it seems that there is a matching bracelet. Not only T -shirts, but also bracelets, the intimacy of the two is transmitted.

We are concerned about the loss of the BTS (BTS) Busan Concert … Hybe commented on the discussion “Focus on more valuable results than costs”

Today (22nd), Hybe commented on the “2030 Busan International Expo” Prayer Prayer “BTS in BUSAN” (hereinafter “Busan Concert”).

Through comments, Hybe emphasized, “Hybe and BTS (BTS) are focusing on more value than expenses in participating in national events, and I feel pride in contributing to the country.” “HYBE and BTS want to invite the 2030 Busan World Expo and make Busan a place to focus on the BTS’s Busan Concert,” he said, calling for the interest and cheering of the Korean people.

Earlier, discussions occurred over the cost of the Busan concert held on October 15 for free. The concert seems to cost more than 7 billion won (about 700 million yen) in total, and concerns have expanded that the BTS side, which will be held for free, will have a large loss.

The reason why BTS Gin’s Mexico fans became ‘hero’ “What is protecting the earth?”

Mexico fans supporting BTS (BTS) members have donated and attracted attention.

Mexico fans have been conducting campaigns through SNS since September.

It is a campaign to donate the recycling revenue obtained by collecting plastic bottles caps for poor children suffering from pediatric cancer.

Mexico fans have said that they will donate the campaign to the Banco de Tapitas A.C under the name of Jin.

SEVENTEEN, Japan’s 1st EP “DREAM” special page is open! Popular jacket photos and privilege details at once

The special page of SEVENTEEN’s 1st EP “DREAM”, which will be released on November 9, has been released.

It will be released the other day, and you can check the jacket photo of the topic of “cool” and “Visual too good” in the whole form, and 온라인카지노 check product details and each store benefits details. In addition, event information will be added in the future.

SEVENTEEN has been performing in the US and 12 Canada of the world tour “SEVENTEEN WORLD TOUR [BE THE SUN]” for the first time in about 2 years and 4 months, and has started performing in four Asian cities in the Jakarta performance on the 24th. do.

2PM Taeyung, the first fan meeting in Japan for the first time in 5 years … The hand -written letter to Japanese fans is “I will not forget to thank”

The 2PM Taegyeong ended the Japanese fan meeting.

According to 51K, Tae Kyung held a valuable time with fans on the 13th and 16th in Kobe and Tokyo on the 13th and Tokyo.

The Japanese fan meeting “OKAERI” was a solo fan meeting of Taegyeong, which was held for the first time in about five years after the units were removed. I decided the word “Okaeri” that I met after a long time as a fan meeting, and expresses my exceptional feeling for fans who supported me.

Taegyeong, who appeared in the loud cheers of the fans, because he was a fan meeting that he had been waiting for a long time after a long time, said, “I was excited before coming to Japan and I was very nervous. For fans. I really wanted to see you. “

Jung Usung is the role of a hearing impaired person … Return to tea for the first time in about 10 years in the original drama of Japan

Actor Chong Usung returns to tea room for the first time in 10 years.

“I love you” (tentative title) is Chung Moneun, a hearing impaired, Chung Usung, who is used to expressing emotions with pictures instead of words. (Shin Hyun Bin) melodrama. Jinwoo lives freely in a quiet world and does not care about the gaze of prejudice. Maun realizes his dreams and love while respecting himself as it is.

Jung Dong Won, “FROMIS_9” Ji -Won and Duet Song

Jung Dong -won and Ji -Won of the Korean girl group “FROMIS_9” will be overtaken by the top batter of “World Peace Project”, and will release the duet song “LOVE ACUTUALLY” on the 28th.

“LOVE ACUTUALLY” is a comprehensive song that includes “prejudice love” while incorporating the story of love between gender, and is also the first duet song for Jeong Dong Won and the female idol singer. Jung Dong Won and the main vocalist of “FROMIS_9” are artists who have all three looks, talent, and songs, and their fans are interested in duet songs where they both breathed.

Kandaniel, “Asian Star Award” award “Continue to challenge and learn violently” = “Soul Drama Award 2022”

Singer and actor Kangdaniel has won the Asian Star Award for the Soul Drama Awards 2022.

Kim John Young, legal measure “Actress in the 50s of affair / fraud” legal measures “I will not forgive”

“I got married^_^”

Monday, September 19th

Yesterday September 18th

I gave a wedding ♪

The place is in Osaka Umeda

Chapered Coffret 💒

Coffret means a small box.

And two colleagues from my partner’s company 슬롯머신사이트 attended me. Actually, my niece’s child’s child who should spend a week of non -alcoholes for this day and carry a ring pillow on the way to the diet. There was a happening that I cried and disliked, but it was a small dinner party for 11 people, but the food was delicious and the staff was a really nice time.

I would like to have a good time without forgetting that feeling, and thank you for your continued consultation from the beginning to the end.

Namaya, when I call her name, my voice becomes gentle, the muscles of the face gently relax and smiles. It is not a 바카라검증사이트 strong pronunciation because it is not a strong sound or an altitude, but it is not sweet or youthful because there are many Lee Eung or Lee. Nevertheless, when you call, your mind becomes comfortable, relaxed and drowsy. Her round and bustling face comes to mind, shy, tender, but as a tender voice of April. My real name is Hongnamhwa. She became Namhwa and Namhwa. Nama lives in Goesan. She works with elementary school students and teenagers to work with arts, design various designs from the county office, design agricultural producers, and make books for her grandmother’s life history. In the garden, she eats salads with vegetables, eats a dog with a windy field, and in a sunny courtyard, she enjoys a nap with her cats. If you cross one bridge, you know that the person you know is the network of the town. When you go out to town, you will meet someone you know once at a twenty step. She often travels with her mother, Macau and Vietnam, who works together with Himalayan tracking. Everyone dreams of living in a rural life and living as a freelancer and maintaining dignity. Goesan, but she was born in Seoul and grew up, graduated from Seoul, and her first work life in Seoul. Born in 1990, thirty -year, Nama is sometimes busy and sometimes lazy, sometimes lazy in Goesan, Chungcheongbuk -do.

What did you do after graduating from college?

She got a job at a company that made a video by leaving the Gyewon College of Arts. She learned from shooting, editing, and handling CG, but I studied around 2D. It’s easy to think about making effects, subtitles, and animations used for broadcasting, and it’s easy to think of moving flat images. After graduating, I went to a video company (laughs). She was an intern at the last semester and got a job at the company.

What kind of video was it?

It was a company that usually made a concert video. When the singers performed, the video on the background, so when the singer sang, made a video that suits the stage that makes the images that match the song. Park Jung -hyun, Kim Bum -soo, Sung Si -kyung, Seo In -guk, VIXX and BTS were also.

Oh somewhere, BTS. Was it when it wasn’t famous then?

It’s just a long time after your debut. I did all the singers who were active at that time. Because I was in charge of a concert with several people, so I tried all the famous singers at that time.

What did you do in the process? It would be fun to hear it at first glance.

I made a design source in the office, not the former concert site. Make the images, move it and add the effect. In fact, it’s fun to open in the field, so if you sit in the office and edit it, you just work with the factory. After a while, I thought it didn’t fit with me.

I remember it was hard because there was a lot of work somewhere.

That’s right. When I had a lot of work, I had to work on the weekends almost every day. It was hard to work for a year and a half. My heart is so stuffy and I can’t breathe when I work and go home. I learned from my body that I’m getting stressed. I have a gloomy feeling that I didn’t usually see. I learned that depression does not come with my heart, but through my body.

So what did you do so?

I thought I should take a break.

It’s a good rest somewhere. (laugh)

I’m right. You have to rest a lot. I have no stamina and I’m tired. I came down to Goesan.

Where did Namane live in Goesan?

Originally, the house was Seoul, but my father was a long dream, and when I became a college student, I returned home. I sold Seoul’s house and my family went to Goesan. By the time I entered a low -cost college, I lived in my grandmother’s house in Bundang. When I was in work, I attended my grandmother’s house. So I went to where my family was. I didn’t have to go to the countryside and take a break, but I had to rest.

Do you have to rest somewhere in your family, do you love your family a lot?

That’s right.

It’s not easy to love my family somewhere. (laugh)

So. I wanted to see my family once a week. It was the biggest when I was in work. I want to see my mother’s face once a week, but I didn’t have time to see it once a week. Yes … I don’t know her dad’s face (laughs), I missed her mother.

Why do you feel when you get a resignation because you want to see your mother’s face once a week? This is not yet the world, but I’m still less hungry, but at least I can’t say this. This is because the retirement of my first job was because I didn’t want to take the subway. After graduating from college, I got a job at an advertising agency. Until early 1990, many advertising agencies were in Chungmuro. From the house in Suyuri to Chungmuro, it was enough to reach Line 4, but at the time, the subway was literally “hell”. If there was a landscape of hell, I thought it was like this. The subway that carried people through the Sanggye Nowon Gate was already a footsteps by me. Pushmen were preparing with their palms and pushed people inside. The scream came out, but after being pushed, it was surrounded by people everywhere, and it was pushed out by the people who got off when they became the next stop. In particular, when I became Dongdaemun or Dongdaemun playground, my feet were swept away in the air because the huge waves pushed me. When I was swept away by a human tsunami, I didn’t breathe, so I had to sit on the floor for a few seconds and take a deep breath. One month or three months, one day, I came home, and I heard a silent sound in the complex subway. Why are you touching, when did I touch you, not touching you now? I don’t think I was born to do this. I resigned the next day. Of course, there were more reasons, but the biggest reason was the subway. I heard from a friend who lives in Hawaii, and the Hawaiians went to get to work in the United States and quit in a few years. It would have been easy for people who started to wear ‘쪼’ from the beginning of their steps, lived with their feet in the shoes. I think I know that heart after wearing a comfortable ‘쪼’. However, even if the subway is cut, the tail is lowered before the reason for leaving the company. This is the most beautiful reason for leaving the world.

Oh, then I went down to Goesan and lived so far. I know that life 2 acts have been unfolded in Goesan, who went down to rest. What did you start to do in Goesan for the first time?

There are teachers who have cultural arts education in Goesan. For elementary and middle school children. In fact, I didn’t want to get there. I don’t want to act as a teacher. (Laughter) I thought it was a job that didn’t really fit. I went down to Goesan and made money in Seoul for the first year, rested in Goesan, and lived a little like this. Every weekend, I went to the Flea Market in front of Itaewon and Hongdae to draw a portrait. I made money like that, I went to Goesan for a weekend, relaxed, and played again for a year. The people I knew in Seoul sent me a little design and video editing. Sometimes I love you. (Laughter) I lived happily by going to Seoul, but I couldn’t live like that. I had to pay back student loans. Then, there was a suggestion that I would do a teacher after school. Related to art. Goesan is narrow, so do you have anyone to work around? If someone asks, I have a person like this. It’s like that. So I contacted me. After school art, I don’t think it’s a big deal, but I started with great courage. Because it’s too hard to say in front of others. The voice is small, and I’m still telling you to tell you more. (Laughter) Anyway, if you speak with this voice in front of elementary school students, I was worried that I would listen to me. I went back to making classes and drawing classes every other week, but the children liked me. (Laughter) I got great confidence there. Oh, the kids like me and listen to me. It was so important for me.

How many grades are you in charge of?

From the first grade to the 6th grade.

The spectrum somewhere is wide. So if they gather after school, I’ll make this today, make it together, and draw together today.

You’re right. The first and second grade kids are just running and hugging. Oh, the lovely babies, and I went to the class with a bit of a slightly rough and affectionate love of the high school children. At first, I couldn’t accept the energy of the children, so I fell when I came home. It’s four hours, but I remember that I was stunned for four hours and slept until the next day. Then I also had a cartoon class for middle school students. I started to be a teacher after school. Children are looking like this. It was so amazing.

It’s amazing that she works with her children with her children, but it’s surprising that her children like her. Nama was such a person. Nama worked together in his early teens in his late teens. He also participated in the ‘Koh Jung -hee Youth Literary Award 100 Days’ event. Her role was video shooting and editing. She was in charge of taking a camera, saying that he couldn’t really speak in front of others. Perhaps she was hiding behind the camera, but it was no exaggeration to say, but at the time of the two nights and three days, the popularity of Nama was stabbed in the sky. Even though they didn’t open their mouths all day, they only carried the camera and shooted, the girls used to say that they were so cool. The girls who are leaning more towards listening to the words they are hesitating to hesitate to listen to the words they are hesitating, suddenly come to mind.

I felt like I had a wall. I took a teenager class for courage, and it was a class that made a radio drama with middle and high school students. It was a class that adapted Romeo and Juliet to make it a radio drama. That’s a bigger wall. (Laughter) There is a team that teaches youth cultural education called Culture School Forest, and we plan and conduct cultural arts programs for youth. For example, in the middle school Korean language, you can make a picture book, make a video of a Saturday culture school to make a video or make a radio drama. It is a group that continues to provide various cultural and arts education in Goesan. I work mainly with that team.

Wasn’t there any suggestion to come in there?

I was there, but I’m not confident to go to work. (Laughter) I’m just working together in a very close relationship.

Was the radio drama somewhere in the cultural school forest?

No. It was a program that was conducted in the House of Culture. At first, I was scared. I remember something scary because I was a teenager. If you don’t answer, I did it, but I liked me because I went to me. I can form a consensus with these friends, but I felt it because I felt it. It was the first time in this class, but it was fun, but there were a lot of trial and error.

What trial and error was there?

I was a little obsessed with the output, so my teacher’s hand was too much. For children, the process of education is important for children, even if there is no wonderful result, I realized something more important in it and that it is more important. So I understand that the educational activities say that there is no need for a nice work. It was very important for me to break the prejudice and fear of my youth in the process. I can’t do this, I’m scared of this, I think these things are broken and it’s very good. I needed an opportunity, but I naturally feel that I have overcome my limitations through this opportunity.

As an extension of making radio dramas, they make movies with teenagers and cartoon classes. I also play with elementary school children. While playing traditional games, they can make theaters based on it and connect them to making fairy tales. In addition to the video, he is a person who works across various areas such as design writing picture cartoon game. It was also in writing class that I first met Nama. He was a storyteller who knows how to be quiet and calm. In the early twenties, he made a magazine called “Ji 誌” once a month with his peer groups. The techniques of life that Nama trained and accumulated seem to be the power to live in Goesan. She was actually amazed when she first heard that she taught children and worked with teenagers. Perhaps it would never have been if I lived in Seoul. I do not want to do what I do not want to do, and I do it one by one in Goesan. The children liked me, but to Nama, there must have been a corner for the children. What kind of children like young and unleashed teachers who are not coercive and hierarchy, listen carefully to their children and listen to small voices. Perhaps it was, the teacher who laid down to reach a conclusion, rather than speaking, was probably more likely. It is probably because she came home and had to fall down. The story of the children who came into the heart of Namma and spread their wings, and the sanctuary, was probably strong at first.

I want to keep my relationship with my children and meet. I want to support them and be helpful.

I was glad to hear that I was living well in Goesan and lived well in Goesan, but on the other hand, I often thought that I would like to do my work. I think it was a pity to use the artistic talent of Nama only to teach children, but I really like the paintings drawn by Namma. It was very good to work this time.

Namma Lim Kak -jeong is a project that is supported by the Cultural Heritage Administration in the Culture and Arts Forest. In Goesan, there is the birthplace of Hong Myung -hee, the author of Lim Kuk -jung. If you perform Lim Kuk -jeong, I was in charge of drawing when the artist adapted it like a fairy tale. I perform on the third Saturday of every month. When the day gets darker, Hong Myung -hee’s birthplace is on a big screen and plays the video. The voice actors read the story like a storytelling, and there’s a picture of me. I’ve been about four times so far, but I don’t know when it will end. Draw about twenty sinks.

If you somewhere 20 pieces, it’s not normal. After all, you can make a fairy tale book later.

Yes, to do that, you have to draw better, but anyway, the pictures are modified and collected well.

If the day is warm, I have to go to Hong Myung -hee. Lim Kuk -jung to see. I heard that there are other things other than this.

I also produce a local event poster and a program. Children’s Day events, local marketplaces, farmer markets, etc. Sometimes there’s a job at the county office, so when I go in, I have something I worked on. And it’s a small branding and designing a farm logo. Make a collection of materials in the military, the last result of the children’s work and the picture book. The most common thing is to make a picture book. So far, I have only been producing my grandmother’s life in a picture book, but since this year, I’m thinking about it from the story stage.

Can you do all of those things somewhere? Namhwa: You can do it. I’m doing it somehow.

Nama is in practice. While doing all the things, he has a fingertips, expanding his heart, and building a story. I do not distinguish between important things and what is a bit of work, but to do not distinguish between valuable and lowly work, but not to share my work and my work. It is not a lingering between what you want to do and what you need to do and what you do well and not. Training is that. Do not be uneven, do not judge, do not doubt and ask questions. Like a lion who is not surprised by the sound, like a wind that is not caught in a net, he goes alone like a horn of an indispensable horn. At the end, the eyes will deepen, the hands will be free, and the heart will be empty. Work is what you do.

Will you earn a lot of money somewhere?

I don’t earn a lot, but I think I earn more than when I was in a company in Seoul.

In Seoul, there is a lot of work in Goesan, while we are doing one thing. What is the difference between this work and what’s better?

Um … If you look at the efficiency of work, one thing is fast and you can do more. But it’s too hard for me. It’s frustrating. On the other hand, work in Goesan can do what I do well, and above all, I feel that I need what I need. I feel like I’m doing something harder because I feel my useful. And most of them are to meet people in person. If you have only worked on the computer and work, you will meet someone here, talk together, discuss together, and make it. So I feel like I’m working while getting energy.

For example, even if we do that, we want to do this with this purpose and do some values. If you have technically edited idols or singers who have never met in Seoul, you are doing what I know here. If you listen to people’s stories, you will just want to make it well.

Yes. Because they are often seen. It’s all neighbor.

It’s a neighbor, so it’s good.

It’s a neighbor. Because they all meet often. I meet you when you look around.

How much is Goesan’s population?

I think it’s about 35,000.

Somewhere 500 people know?

I think so. (Laughter) I think the children know half.

Not long ago, when I started a new meeting, there was a place to give a new name for his position. What do you call the head of the school, what will the young people learn from this academy? As such, all kinds of branches come out, and it is important to us. Wujung, the person who is important to us, I liked the name of that position. A person who is important to us. If you take on that position, your shoulders shrugged, pride your nose, and you could make anything exciting. As I listened to the story, Namaya seems to have been the middle of Goesan. At the county office, the farm needs all at school. Is it Upil? The person we need, anyway, seems to have become a fuse of Goesan.

What is it like a day?

Um … It’s different every day, but on a day without class, I stay at home all day. When I want to work, I work with dogs and cats and spend a day. There are eight dogs and cats, and the dogs live in the yard and the cats go back and forth.

When I first went to Goesan, I sometimes wanted to come to Seoul and play, and I thought I should go to Seoul and work. . I think it’s all Goesan.

You’re right. In fact, I had no longing for the countryside, and I never dreamed of rural life. Rather, the city was more familiar and comfortable. There are many fun things. It was my useful thing when I came to Goesan. I was so useful, so I felt confident.

It’s a fun story somewhere.

I think I’ve got a lot of energy, and I’m not as full as I think. Rather, it’s a bit helpless, but if you are in a gap in Goesan, I think that way. Oh, I am a useless person, and above all, I feel like I belong to Goesan, and I feel like I became a resident of Goesan. I have my job and my house here.

Somewhere that’s Goesan. (laugh)

Everyone in the neighborhood knows.

You have to be careful about the beggars somewhere. (laugh)

So. (Laughter) You have to be careful, and you can’t do it.

Somewhere in my life is the ideal form of life that everyone dreams of. Most of the city people want to go to the countryside. I want to hit this busy life, I will resign tomorrow, so I live in my mouth. Every day, I commute to work, work overtime, drink late at night, drink, and go to work before drinking the next day, and people talk about it. I want to go to the countryside and live in a house with a yard and make a little garden to make what I want to meet my time. But you are living such a life now. Are you living your life now?

Um … yes yes. Especially for people like me, I think it’s right to live like this. I’m a happy person if I don’t need much and have a small space where I can enjoy my hobbies. I also like that there is little irritation than the city. Because of the low irritation, my eyes and ears are comfortable and I feel stable. I feel that the quality of life has increased in my standards rather than living in the city.

The quality of life somewhere.

Yes. Oh, there are a lot of moments that this is happiness.

So did a friend in Hawaii. I couldn’t give up the quality of life, so I decided to settle in Hawaii. After 8 hours of work, he went to work and went to work for more than eight hours. So if you want to work overtime, you must report. I have to work overtime because of this. Rather than being a dimension of human rights, the cost of overtime pay is so high, but anyway, the life of dinner is guaranteed. He sent a short video called Hawaii’s news, and a bird escaped from the zoo and ran to catch a bird with four male staff. In the end, the quality of life that Hawaiian friend said was less irritating and tired.

There are some yards, dogs and cats. I eat it with the garden lettuce. Kimjang is also the case. So you plan to live in Goesan as long as you have nothing special in the future?

I haven’t planned in the future yet, and I have a good condition now.

The advantage of living in Goesan is that it is an environment that suits the personality of a person named Nama. So is there any inconvenience living in Goesan? It’s a small town.

There are few young people. Goesan young people leave the city when they graduate from high school. For studying or for a job. As a result, there is no space for young people. It’s a movie theater. Nowadays, you don’t have to go because you have Netflix at home, but there is no place for young people to play with museums or shopping malls. There is a small bookstore in the forest, but I have to go in too much. There’s no fun except a bar, it’s a bit uncomfortable.

Somewhere, in Seoul, I often watched the exhibition or watched a movie together. I drove a while ago and passed the Brazilian hall in front of the Brazilian hall. I thought I should go with you in the wall. Last year, I had a picture of the exhibition and a picture. I think of a good exhibition. Is there a gallery in Goesan?

There is no one. Since there are a lot of older people, the budget is also deployed there, and the youth youth side is weak.

It’s also a vicious cycle in the area. As the youth youth population is reduced, the budget is reduced. I think it’s important to turn this structure into a virtuous cycle. How about a Gallery?

I don’t know, but I’m collecting money because I want to try a small gallery. 독립서점을 겸한. 인쇄공방 개념으로 구상해 보고 있어요. 여기서 살다 보니까 어떻게 하면 젊은이들을 데려올 수 있을까를 같이 고민하게 되더라고요. 뭔가 연애를 하려고 해도 데려올 건덕지가 필요한데. (웃음) 뭔가 있으면 젊은이들이 오지 않을까요. 그래도 올해 괴산에 다섯 명 있는 청년들(웃음)과 그림책 만들기 프로젝트를 같이 하게 됐어요. 문화학교 숲에 있는 친구 두 명과 청년인턴 자리에 들어온 친구 두명 그리고 저, 다섯 명이 그림책 만들기 기획안을 냈는데 예산을 받을 수 있게 됐어요. 이걸 하게 된 계기는 문화학교 숲에서 작가와 함께 하는 그림책 만들기 프로그램을 했는데 그 수업을 같이 듣고 자극을 받아서 우리도 한 번 해보자 해서 하게 됐죠. 문화적인 자극을 받는 건 좋은 일인 거 같아요.

나마는 진정 괴산 사람이 다 되어버렸다. 자신이 사는 지역의 고민을 어느 결에 진지하게 하고 있다. 무릇 젊은이들란 도시로 가는 것이 인지상정이다. 화려하고 새롭고 다양하고 신나는 세계를 경험해보고 싶은 욕망이 없다면 그것이 어찌 청춘이랴. 그렇게 도시에서 원없이 후회없이 놀다가 어느날 문득 고향으로 돌아가고 싶어지는 날, 거기 동무와 일자리와 영화관과 아이들을 키울 교육환경과 카페와 쇼핑몰과, 동지들, 이 있으면 된다. 그러면 누구나 돌아갈 것이다. 나마가 구상하는 공방은 그래서 의미가 있다. 괴산 읍내에 이쁘고 다정한 공방이 열리면 아이들과 청소년들이 하나 둘 찾아올 것이다. 기웃기웃 구경하던 사람들 중에 누군가는 말을 걸어올 것이고 시간이 흐르면 옆자리에 와서 일을 같이 할 수도 있겠지. 군청에서도 오고 농장에서도 오고 도시생활에 지친 친구들도 오고 그러다보면 왁작왁작 복작복작, 그러다 또다른 공간을 옆에 만들고. 그 시작이 나마의 공방이 되었으면 진정 좋겠다.

어딘 엄마나 아빠는 나마가 괴산에 있는 것보다 도시에서 커리어를 쌓기를 원하거나 바라진 않나요?

나마 음… 엄마 아빠는 안 그러시는데 저는 살짝 고민을 했었어요. 그런 거 있잖아요, 20대인데 더 도전해보고 그래야 하지 않을까, 벌써 시골에서 안주하려고 하는 건 아닌가 하는 강박 같은 거. 그런데 30대가 되니 뭔가 편안해지는 지점이 있어요. 20대 땐 누가 강요하진 않았는데 뭔가 숙제를 안 한 느낌이 계속 들었거든요.

어딘 젊은이여 꿈과 야망을 가져라 이런 거?

나마 네. 아무도 나한테 그렇게 말하진 않았지만 부담스러운 뭔가가 있었어요. 그래서 빨리 할머니가 되고 싶단 생각도 들었어요. 아무도 나에게 뭔가를 요구하지 않는, 그냥 존재 자체만으로도 인정받을 수 있는 할머니가 되면 좋겠다는 생각을 했었어요. 그래서 전 나이 드는 게 좋아요. 다들 20대에서 30대로 넘어가는 게 힘들다고 하는데 저는 되게 자연스럽고 편안했거든요.

어딘 생각해보니 나도 가장 자유로웠던 때가 20대 후반 30대 초반이었던 것 같네요. 신기하지, 나도 빨리 늙었으면 좋겠다 그런 생각을 했었는데, 막상 늙어보니까 기운이 없고 자꾸 아프고. (웃음) 그래서 그렇게까지 빨리 늙을 필요는 없는 같아요. (웃음)

나마 지금은 많이 편안해졌어요.

어딘 도전이나 야망 같은 말에 나마가 어떤 부담이 있었다고 했는데 나는 사실 나마가 큰 도전을 했다고 생각해요. 남들이 모두 이 길로 가고 어른들도 그 길로 가는 게 정답인 거처럼 말하는 과정에서 나마는 정반대의 길을 갔잖아요. 어떻게 보면 나마가 괴산으로 내려간 거 자체가 큰 도전이었던 거죠. 너는 대학까지 나온 젊은 애가 왜 여기서 이러고 있니, 라는 말을 안 하는 훌륭한 부모님이 계셨던 것이 나마가 괴산에 터를 잡는데 큰 역할을 한 거 같네요. 앞으로 하고 싶은 일은 뭐가 있어요?

나마 아까 말씀드린 인쇄공방. 인쇄공방은 꼭 해야되겠다라고 생각하고 있어요. 누구나 와서 자기 책을 만들 수 있는 곳. 지나가던 할아버지가 들어와서 자신의 이야기를 쓰고 싶다고 하면 쓸 수 있도록 도와드리고 책을 만들어 드리는 거에요. 그렇게 한 사람 두 사람 쓴 책이 모이면 그 안에 괴산 사람들의 이야기가 담겨있는 거죠. 타지에서 놀러 온 사람들도 괴산 사람들의 다양한 이야기를 만나볼 수 있는, 그런 재미있는 공간을 해보고 싶어요. 그리고 나머지 하나는 그냥 이미지로만 있는데, 할머니가 되어서 혼자 사는데 그림을 그리고 게임도 하고. (웃음) 집을 잘 짓고 시골에서, 그림 그리고 게임하는 할머니, 그런 할머니 이미지를 갖고 있어요. 근데 할머니가 돼서도 게임을 할 수 있을까요? 눈이 잘 안보여서 못할까요? (웃음)

‘하울의 움직이는 성’이라는 일본 애니메이션에서 가장 기억에 남는 건 주인공 소녀가 갑자기 할머니가 됐는데도 전혀 놀라지 않는 장면이었다. 나마가 내일 할머니가 되어 있어도 나는 전혀 놀랄 거 같지 않다. 머리가 하얗게 센 나마는 더 멋진 그림을 그리고 더 신나게 게임을 하고 더 따뜻한 그림책을 만들 것이다.

어딘 요즘도 게임 많이 해요? 10대 때 폐인처럼 게임 한 시절도 있었잖아요. (웃음)

나마 네. 근데 그 땐 돈이 없어서 다양한 게임을 해보지 못했는데 지금은 돈을 버니까 살 수 있는 게임이 많잖아요. 세상에, 어릴 때는 시간이 많아서 할 수 있었는데 그땐 돈이 없었고 지금은 시간이 부족해서 마음껏 못 하고 있다니. 얼른 할머니가 돼서 막 게임을 하고 싶어요. (웃음) 어쨌거나 그래도 저는 돈 벌어서 게임에 가장 많이 써요. 할 시간이 없어도 신작이 나오면 막 사요. (웃음)

어딘 게임 말고 나마 인생에 영향력을 행사한 건 어떤 것들이 있어요?

나마 음…

어딘 혹은 영향을 끼친 인물. 사람.

나마 일단 학교를 나온 거가 시작인가? 고등학교 1학년 때 학교를 도저히 못 다니겠어서, 너무 재미가 없었어요, 부모님께 얘기를 했는데 아빠가 학교를 나와도 된다고 허락했던 것, 그리고 고모의 추천으로 어딘을 만나서 글을 쓰게 된 것, 그 과정에서 다양한 친구들을 만났고 삶에 다양한 길이 있다는 걸 알게 되고 보게 된 것, 그리고 아빠가 괴산에 내려가 버린 것, 사실 엄마는 반대했었는데 지금은 가장 괴산생활을 잘 즐기고 계신 거 같아요. 플루트도 배우고 난타도 배우고. (웃음)

나마가 청소년 시절에 공공미술프로젝트에 함께 참여한 적이 있다. 그때 우리 팀이 맡은 일은 신문을 발행하는 것이었는데 어쩌다 주최측과 약간의 갈등이 발생했다. 문제를 해결하기 위한 회의가 열렸고 모두 심각한 얼굴로 이 상황을 어떻게 해결할 것인지를 열띠게 토론했다. 디자인을 맡은 나마와 내가 우리 팀을 대표해 참여했는데 매끄러운 수습은 아니었지만 어쨌든 해결을 했다. 끝내고 나오는데 회의 내내 한 마디도 안 하던 나마가 마침내 입을 열었다. 어딘, 방구가 나올 거 같아 죽을 뻔 했어요. 그 한 마디에 나는 빵 터져서 아하하하하하 길거리에서 배를 잡고 웃었다. 웃고 웃고 웃고 또 웃었다. 그러고나니 회의에서 받았던 스트레스가 모두 날아가버렸다. 열 여덟살 나마, 엄격하고 근엄하고 진지한 어른들이 대부분인 회의장에서 배가 부글부글 끓었던 것이다. 나마는 긴장과 갈등을 잘 견디지 못 한다. 혹은 견디지 않는다. 슬쩍 옆으로 피한다. 정면승부만 승부랴, 고수란 꼿꼿하기보단 말랑말랑한 법이다. 연하고 순하고 유연한, 생명의 힘이란 그런 것이다. 나마야, 하고 부를 때 내 어깨는 문득 부드러워지고 눈은 꼬리를 접는다.

[잘 사는 청년]

달콤한 나마

-홍남화를 만나다

인터뷰어. 어딘

인터뷰이. 홍남화(나마)

녹취 및 정리. 박상희(조개)

writing. 어딘

발행일. 2019.04.26

에필로그, 3년이 지난 후 한 컷 [2022.04.18]

Yoshibei Murai, who built a Western -style building in Kyoto, Yoshibei Murai (Ryuo Nagai “Kemuriyo Smoke”)

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