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The article from now is not a bright content, so if you think you don’t like it, don’t hesitate to go through.

By the way, the title “Takarazuka Revue Crisis” is not the current Corona evil, the performance. This will solve the time within it. When I saw the crisis of the Takarazuka Revue, I saw the 007 casinolo wirial of the next Sora -gumi performance as a single performance by Shuichiro Koike. If this work is still a work by Naoko Koyanagi, I don’t think that’s the case, but again, Shuichiro Koike’s turn is the same as the bell rose in trouble two years ago. It’s a fool. Really, the Takarazuka Revue is a theater company that is not disciplined. I can only evaluate it as an idiot. There is also an inevitable aspect. Kumiko Ueda has been driven to leave the group, and Kumiko Ueda’s senior, Keiko Ueda, seems to have a little registered, but she is no longer in Japan and is almost close to leaving. Before the Bell Rose boom occurred, even when the Sanjin Shirai, Shirai Tezo, Shiro Takagi, and Shigenori Utsumi, who were called the three masters before the war, were in their later years, Shinji 핸드폰카지노 Ueda, Kiyosaku Kamogawa, Suganuma. The teachers of the eight successors, such as Jun, Hiromasa Oze, Hiroshi Ohara, Yuhiro Shibata, Sumio Sakai, and Keiji Okada. Even if I was there, I never did a fool, relying only on one person. But what is it now! 。 Shuichiro Koike’s work has a huge budget, and all are all single -standing performances. If you do only this, even if you are not Kumiko Ueda, it will rot if you can not do it, and even talented people will leave the Takarazuka Revue more and more. Koichi Ogita and Akiko Kodama have left the group with Assari, and the regret is evidence that the Karazuka Revue has not done at all. In this situation, I would definitely come to see the same dissolution as SKD and OSK soon.